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``Giving life to the nightlife of India``,We truly mean every bit of it.With Shaandaar you can now get access to some of the hottest night clubs in the city on your fingertips.Grab your pass now!

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Shaandaar is a product that showcases the amazing venues we come across and at the same time, we aim to help event organizers and customers save time and effort when looking for their kind of venues.

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For big time adrenaline junkies a regular rush of adrenaline is essential.Experience the thrill together by going on adventure tours by choosing through our tour packages.


Shaandaar’, as grand as the name itself, is here to change the

mainstream party ways and set new rules. We can help you find the

kind of party place that you deserve. With the best nightclubs and venues on board, you get to know everything about a party and venue, right here. What? When? Where? So many questions, one simple answer- ‘Shaandaar’!



Increase the visibility of your nightclub/venue for different kinds of events and occasions by creating their profiles


We will push extra sales for our partners through online and offline channels


Our platform will allow our partners to have an online booking engine. Thus we will offer an additional sales channel which will be highly profitable

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The online Platform will give more visibility to the night clubs and venues


Customer confirms the booking by paying online on our website. We forward the amount in advance to nightclub/venue. There is no additional cost for the customers or the vendors


Shaandaar gives its partners a unique platform where the vendor wont loose anything per booking

Work Hard Party Harder !!

Cities We’re In



Snow-capped Himalayan peaks and green pastures surround Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Its spectacular hills are dotted with old buildings from the colonial era and the town’s bazaars bustle with local life and quaint little shops. Bordered by a dense cedar forests. Shimla offers spectacular vistas of majestic snow-clad peaks. The charm of this town lies in its awesome bars and cafes where you can enjoy your party.



The fun and entertainment in Chandigarh are limitless and the hardcore Punjabi culture is sure to make you a fan. So if you’re a resident or just a passer-by, put on your party shoes and hit that club! Don’t forget to grab your Patiala Pegg at the bar and greet whoever you meet with “Kiddaann?” Trust us, you’re gonna have a blast!



It’s THE place for party lovers, because when you’re in Delhi, the reasons to party are infinite. You can choose to go sip in some freshly brewed beer or simply let loose in a bar and lounge. So move out, make new friends, free yourself and have the time of your life. Trust us,the nightlife of ‘Dil walon ki Dilli’ won’t let you down!



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The clubs & pubs here remain brimming with party-animals banging their care-free heads to the craziest beats. The celebrity DJs playing in most clubs take the party culture to a whole new level. So if you’ve been living here, celebrate!  Wear your party clothes, head to the club and don’t look back, coz’ in Mumbai three things are guaranteed- Entertainment. Entertainment. And



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Before you dismiss the nightlife in Bangalore owing to the city’s early curfew, we suggest you take our recommendations and trawl the streets for some fabulous party options. The trick is to start out early—so get going at sundown and there are countless places that will keep you well entertained till a little past midnight. Whether you’re in the mood for something casual and easy, or want to party hard with loud music and a dance floor; we tell you where to go to get your groove on.



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If there is one place in India that is rightly famous for its nightlife, it is Goa. While the period around Christmas and New Year is undoubtedly peak tourist season, there is enough going throughout the year, and Goa’s nightlife is absolutely sizzling. From music festivals and visiting DJs playing at local clubs to a thriving live music scene and snazzy new hot spots for the after hours—Goa has an unbeatable ambiance and an unrivaled energy.

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